Gender Balance

Discrimination prevention & investigation

About us

Gender Balance is a platform for cooperation between experts in discrimination, harassment and sexual harassment, equality och equal opportunities. By cooperating our clients gain access to broader competencies. We are closely connected to the university sector and our work methods are based on research and best practice.

We work both proactively and reactively with a cohesive strategy in which different competencies are filling a clearly defined role: law, equality/equal opportunities, work environment, organisation, business economics, and HR.


Identifies strenghts and weaknesses in your organization. We also investigate complaints of harassment and make recommendations on measures that take more than the legal perspective in consideration.


Well-tried methods and tools for working with the Discrimination Act and to advance equal opportunities and inclusion.


Our lectures and workshops can be adapted to your organization and target audience. They are practical and action oriented and always with  scientific basis.

Gender Balance App

In cooperation with Uppsala Innovation Centre we develop a software suite of tools to make visible and counteract inequality on group- and organizational level.


Anneli Häyrén

Senior advisor, lecturer & founder

Paul Bengtsson

Investigator, lecturer & founder